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My Blackberry Pin won’t Register!

Help! My Blackberry Pin won’t Register!

There have been cases whereby a Blackberry device you have purchased which is seemingly new from a shop not being able to be used with the BIS service. Why??

In this instance, there is 3 possibilities.
1) The device you have just purchased is a clone or pirated device
2) The device you have purchased has been blacklisted.
3) The device was previously registered and the previous owner forgot to de-register (release) it.

Devices are blacklisted for the following reasons:
1) It was reported stolen by the owner
2) It was detected to be used by hackers to clone their device (the use the PINS on the fake device): same PINS detected to be online at the same time.

For case one, unfortunately, you can only find the seller for a refund. If he/she refuses, you can only file a police report or make it big in the news. Well, is there such thing as a fake in the first place? The answer is YES, THERE IS.
For case two, unless you were the owner who reported it lost earlier, and now you have found it back, chances are, nobody will listen to you nor help you.
For case three, there is nothing you can do about it, other than to contact the seller/previous owner to get them to release it. If they refuse or are not contactable, your device is as good as a blacklisted device.

What is so bad about not being able to register?

First, your device cannot use the built in secure emailing client.
Second, official applications may not be used or rather, you can only use as a normal non-BIS user.
Third, it maybe considered as fraud to resell it.


Perhaps the most irritating of them all is this. Fake blackberries. Personally, i have encountered such an issue before. I hope this will help reduce the number of people being scammed at the very least. So how do you spot it?

  • Genuine Blackberries are NOT MADE IN CHINA.
    One of the highest quality of clones have this written on it: made in Canada. These fake blackberry’s look exactly alike to the original one. And the fact that you can even load in the ORIGINAL Blackberry OS makes it even harder to differentiate! It is almost impossible to differentiate it unless you can check its PIN/IMEI and/or its “made in where”
    Blackberries should be made in: Hungary OR Mexico OR Brazil OR CANADA
    It should have a number next to the country it was made in (Example Hungary 1)
  • The PIN/IMEI should match those outside the box.
    Of course, this can easily be faked. There was one incident whereby the seller purchased this blackberry from a local store. Upon checking, the box and the device IMEI/PIN matched. However, she could not register online. When she returned to the store, she realized all the devices and boxes had the same IMEI and PIN.


Some users have suggested changing the IMEI/PIN on the device. Some forums have mentioned at the possibility, but do keep in mind that by doing so, this is not only against local law, but also international law. You maybe prosecuted internationally. But then again, this is an extremely highly technical thing and you probably need the blueprints to do so.

So now, how do we check? (as mentioned by timberland)

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