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BlackBerry FAQ - For Singapore Users!

Adding the East Asian Language Pack

In some OS’s especially the leaked or OS from other overseas telco’s, it is common that only English or their Native languages are included.

In our case, many of us probably will require the Chinese support or input.

So how do we do it?

First, download:
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai – OS 6
The above file only contains the support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages.

Once downloaded, extract the files onto your computer.

In the extracted folder, there should be a EAP.alx file and a folder named JAVA.

First, copy the .alx file into the OS folder.
For example (in Windows XP): C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionSharedLoader Files{YOUR OS VERSION}

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, it should be similar, but folder location will be slightly different.

So, in this case, by default it should be in:
C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionSharedLoader Files9700M_v6.0.0.576_P6.6.0.216

Next, in the folder named “java”, there is alot of files inside. Now, for this, copy all the files to the “java” folder which is located in the same folder as above.

Now, you can start loading the OS as you would usually do, checking the East Asian Language files in the application menu.

If you have already loaded the OS, then use your desktop manager and load it as though it was an application. See here for instructions. (Tip: When browsing for the “app”, just select the EAP.alx file)

For OS 7.1,
First download:
OS 7.1 Chinese korean
Following the same instructions as above, you may omit the step where it requires you to get the alx file.

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