BlackBerry FAQ

For Singapore Users!

BlackBerry FAQ - For Singapore Users!

FAQ for BIS and non-BIS users

For NON-BIS users (BBOM[aka iphone plans]/normal data plan):

  • You cannot receive and/or send emails using the Blackberry client.
  • You cannot use any official blackberry apps (Yes, no facebook).
  • You may use apps that do not require internet connection
  • You may surf the internet (using the BBOM or WIFI)
  • You can use normal phone services (eg. call or sms)
  • (Users reported) You may use 3rd party apps that allows wifi.

APN for BBOM users:

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Note to BIS/BES users: by editing your APN, you may incur additional DATA charges.

For all BIS users:

How do I know if my BIS is activated?

Refer to the following section: FAQ

Roaming Tips:

Refer to the following section: Tips

In mobile options, there is this options:

  • Mobile network -> sim card services (i.e data, SMS or calls).
  • Wifi -> Wifi module on your device
  • Bluetooth -> well.. The bluetooth module

Service status -> how you are connected to different networks

Mobile network options:

  • Data services -> whether you wan to utilize data or not (be it sim card services or wifi – does not apply to off when roaming: if off when roaming, data service via sim card services ie bis, will be turned off but wifi can be used)
  • Mobile network -> connected to which telco
  • Wifi options -> see what wifi profiles you have and wifi settings


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What the internet connection statuses mean (right top corner)

Refer to the following section: Connections Status

If the Customer Service Officer says that your BIS is activated, yet you cant access the services, you can do this:

  • Go to Options -> advanced -> host routing table -> register now!
  • Then you should get a email saying you are registered to the server.
  • After which, wait for a minute or so, then perform a battery pull.
  • If problem still persists, inform your network service provider immediately.

If somehow you are disconnected from the data connection suddenly, go to manage connections -> turn on and off the mobile network.

If you have intermittent break in connection and the above don’t work:

  • Call up your telco and request them to reset you network. Once done, do a battery pull – remove the battery for about 5mins.

Setting up APN picture tutorial:

For OS5

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For OS6

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