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Shrinking the OS


Many users have been reporting that the latest OS, OS 6 is taking up much more memory than the last OS which of course, is the usual pattern. One free tool, BB Boss by the BDHP team, is able to help with the shrinking of OS6 so that more memory are available for your device to install more apps, especially in the case of older devices such as 9700. Before we continue with BB Boss, let me throw in a WARNING; by removing OS Files it may brick your BlackBerry device(if you shrink or delete the wrong stuff) easily. If you are uncomfortable with this, please DO NOT USE THE APP. In addition, always do a backup of your data before proceeding.

BB Boss has the capability to Shrink the OS to a reasonable size, removing the bloats like excess fonts, languages, applications and more that you believe you will not use. As you can see from the screenshot above, BB Boss really allows you to customize what files will be installed when upgrading your OS, to help you save your space. Shrinking out everything else, except BBM and Memo Pad in the normal menus, I have been able to get my install files down to 36.3MB Pre Install.

Shrinking the OS

As you can see, the starting folder size was 146MB and I was able to remove 109.6MB of install files which i may not use.  Also note, that what you shrink out will not directly add to that many MB in file freed. When i load my 9700 for the first time with no apps, there is 110MB File Free and with all my apps are installed I am down to 95MB. Of course, everyone will want to shrink out different things, and I would stay away from the ‘Advanced’ section, until you read up on what those functions do.

Download and install which BB Boss (choose one version) you wish to use. Personally, I use v1.1 as it has all the features I would need for now.  Secondly, you will want to uninstall all unneeded OS’s for your device off of your computer, and make sure the one you want to use is installed. This will help streamline the process and free up some memory in your computer as well.

Run BB Boss and at the top you will see that it allows you to select which OS you are wishing to install, and from there, you can start by removing things that you will not want to use.


Spoiler Inside SelectShow

From here, click carefully and look carefully before you shrink, unlike the OS5 tool Shrink a OS, BB Boss does not(not at least in 1.1) save the deleted CODs for future addition and you will need to re install the OS on your computer to restore the deleted CODs.  Once you have your selected items, click Auto Add/Remove and after 30 seconds it will tell you how much you have shrank out. This known as ‘OS on Disk’ in Version 2.2.2.

The Next step is determined by what you’re looking to do.  If you are upgrading your OS, you can continue by clicking File and Launch AppLoader. This will launch the AppLoader.exe and continue through the upgrade process.  If you are looking to shrink out the OS that is on your phone (only do able in version 2.2.2), click Direct Shrink on phone, and follow the prompts.

With version 2.2.2, you can really play around and have fun with shrinking your OS, as you can directly modify the OS on the phone, and it eliminates that extremely dangerous Wipe and Reload the OS if you just want to shrink it, as has had to be done in the past.

Download Version 1.1
Download Version 2.2.2

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