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BlackBerry FAQ - For Singapore Users!

JVM Error list

When an error occurs on the BlackBerry, it will display an error message including an error code. What each code means can be found below and over time we’ll add details on how to work-around or fix these errors.

I hope anyone who encounters such errors may read this and find it helpful.

Error Description
101 JVM error
102 Corrupt, missing, or invalid .cod file
103 Corrupt, missing, or invalid Boot .cod file
104 Uncaught Java Exception occurred, check device event log for details
105 File system API returned error
106 Graphics system error
107 JVM error
108 JVM error
109 OS error
110 JVM or OS error – non-idle event downtime error
200 Uncaught Exception in application manager
201 Cryptographic system (encryption) failed
202 Attack (possible hack or malicious access) on key store detected
203 Application manager console process failed
501 Internal error
502 All processes exited, nothing left to run
503 Internal error
504 Internal error
505 Internal error
506 Uncaught Java exception, event log contains details
507 Missing a required dependant .cod file
508 Debugger command error – Invalid object
516 Garbage collection error – may indicate corrupt file system
510 Deadlock – all running threads waiting on objects
511 Debugging error
515 Too many objects or total object size too large
516 Persistent store ID counter at limit, object cannot be committed
517 Error in persistent object store
518 Internal error
519 Internal error
520 Internal error
521 Occurs only in simulator
522 Occurs only occurs in simulator
523 Critical process has died
524 Only occurs in simulator
525 Bad persisten object, see event log
526 Class definition for java.lang.Object cannot be found.
527 Class definition for java.lang.String cannot be found.
528 File system corrupted and unrecoverable
529 File system corrupted, attempting to recover
530 JVM error
531 Out of Flash memory
532 Occurs only in simulator

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