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For Singapore Users!

BlackBerry FAQ - For Singapore Users!

Tethering on Mac

For Mac-based system

  1. Go to System preferences

    step 1

  2. Select Network

    Step 2

  3. At the left side of the Network preferences, you should see “RIM Composite Device” (YOUR DEVICE MUST BE CONNECTED VIA THE USB CABLE), click on it.
    In the account name field, enter the mobile number of your blackberry device, and the password as “user123”.

    Step 3

  4. In step 3, select the “advanced” button. Change the settings required. APN’s can be obtained from: FAQ

    Step 4

  5. Press OK. Then press “connect”. If your device has a password, it will prompt you.

    Step 5

  6. Once done, you should be connected.
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