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Tethering on Desktop Manager v6

Blackberry Tethering Guide via Blackberry Desktop Software

Device: Blackberry Bold 9700

Blackberry OS Version: (1446)

Platform ID:

Desktop Software Version:

Windows OS Version: Windows Vista Home Basic

Telco Provider: Singtel

Plan: 1GB BIS + iFlexi Value (12GB Local data via BBOM)

WARNING: Tethering DON’T use BIS data but instead use BBOM. Make sure you have BBOM subscribed before using your Blackberry for Tethering. Telco charge around SGD$5.00 per 1MB (and one page of Hardwarezone or StraitsTimes already consume 1MB+!)

Step 1. Launch Blackberry Desktop Software and connect your Blackberry device via USB.

This is the software

Step 2. Just ensure your computer’s internet network connection is off (To show that the guide really connect to internet via Blackberry tethering)

Proof that my internet is off

Step 3. To Start Your Tethering: Go to “Tools” -> “Start Mobile Internet”

Start mobile internet

Step 4. Choose your provider and click “OK” (I choose Singtel here and leave the default profile settings as it is)
Note: Blackberry Desktop Software already have a list of Telco Providers all around the world that has blackberry connection. So as long as you have updated your blackberry desktop software, you should be able to see your telco list here. If not, try updating your blackberry desktop software.

Choose telco

Step 5. You will be prompted following window, click “Connect” (Ensure you have subscribed to Broadband on Mobile Data Plan or else it will be charged)


Step 6. Now you are connected!

Notice that once you are connected, the bottom left corner in Blackberry Desktop Software window show the timing you had been connected and data in kilobytes that had been used in that session so far.

Connected and data used

Step 7. Network Center show “Singtel” now

Network centre

Step 8. Start Browsing and enjoy!


Step 9. As you browse, you will see the kilobyte numbers increased on the bottom left of the Blackberry Desktop Software window.

Data consumed

Step 10. To turn off – Disconnect Tethering once you are done with your session and you are Done!


Admin’s note: This article was contributed by Mikezuper and vetted (lightly) by xtramadness.

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