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Missing send photos or media option

This post credit goes to sp1k3y in hardwarezone

In media, you might not be able to send files (photos/music etc) via email or other methods.As seen in the screenshot here


then, if certain settings are enabled, the “send” option is completely missing and if you have Whatsapp, left with “send via whatsapp”


So, how do we get it back?

  1. Go to Option -> Security -> Encryption
  2. Ensure that “Include Media Files” (at the bottom) is NOT selected before you take a picture. (This will result in your files being encrypted/protected) Or else you are unable to send via Email/Text Message/Messenger Contact/Facebook/Bluetooth.

Well, its an give and take in this kind of scenario, but maybe you can try third party protection app such as applock for security protection.

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