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Avatars Are Not Displayed in BBM

Ever since Blackberry Messenger 5 was released, users are now able to display avatars or Display pictures in their exclusive Blackberry Messenger. However, as with any applications, it is still susceptible to bugs. In this case, its the display photos being missing.You can see your own picture but you can’t see other friend’s picture and other friend’s also can’t see your picture. The usual procedure is the standard battery pull (hard reset), ask that contact to re-load their photo, re-download/re-install BBM or re-add the contact. Yet, there is no guaranty that it will be resolved. Even though this issue has been raised with RIM, even RIM still haven’t provided any absolute solutions or answers to this yet.

Recently, I was faced with this problem and by luck, this method, which is simple yet effective, worked like a charm!

  1. In BBM, press menu button -> option -> backup. Select back up files locally. (you may be prompted to select a location to save your backup file, usually in your Media Card)


    Back up

    Back up locally

  2. When backup is completed, select restore.


  3. Select “restore using a backup file from device”, find and select the backup file you have backed up earlier.

    Restore from backup file

  4. During the restore process, BBM will shut down and restart automatically.
  5. Once it has started up, check your friend’s contact picture again, it should be resolved.

But then again, there is no 100% assurance that it will work, but do give it a shot!

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