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For Singapore Users!

BlackBerry FAQ - For Singapore Users!

I can’t seem to connect to internet!

I have just purchased a new blackberry. BUT, i cant seem to surf the internet!!

Well, be it a brand new set or second hand set, with data plan or not, this is the first few questions that needs to be asked:

  1. How are you surfing? [Data (go to 2.) Wifi (go to 5)]
  2. Do I have BIS or just BBOM? (BIS go to 3. BBOM go to 4)
  3. Am i on Singtel 1GB?  if so, you can’t surf via data plan. if not, proceed to 5.)
  4. Have you set your APN? if not, go to FAQ to set APN. If so, proceed to 5
  5. Have you set your data connection to “ON”? If not, read on. If so, reset your routers and/or check your APN.

Manage Options

Mobile Network Options

Make sure its on!

Now, if you just want to surf on wifi, YOU MUST HAVE THE ABOVE ENABLED AS WELL.
Why? Because, data means every single type of data in and out of your device.

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